Jamaica 2017 Day 3: Finally Made it out of Kansas City!

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Got up at 3:00 am after watching the KC Chiefs lose a playoff game to the Steelers the night before. At least we finally made it out of KC. Not a bad flight to Houston, thank you TSA PreCheck for the (barely) shorter line and the no hassles trip through security.

There were no problems on the flight to Houston on Southwest. The flight left and arrived on time with no issues whatsoever. In the fair weather Southwest had no problems.

We ate breakfast at Pappasito’s Cantina in Houston Hobby airport. Had the Pappasito’s breakfast platter and a margarita. Hey, it’s vacation, so it’s OK to have a margarita with breakfast. Really enjoyed the breakfast as did most of the group. There’s generally something pleasing about a Mexican restaurant breakfast and a margarita in an airport for some reason.

I scoured my office and email for way too long searching for the free drink coupon I had from Southwest before taking this trip. I could not find it so I had to pay for the  New Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale on the flight from Houston to Jamaica.  Pretty good beer and a pretty good view and picture of the Southwest tip of Cuba. Hope to get there someday for more than a flyover. But, for now this is as close as it gets.




Landed in Montego Bay. Airport isn’t perfect but not bad. After a long walk for such a small airport we got to customs and baggage claim. I have to admit that is was much more organized and smoother than in Cancun. The Customs Agent was very friendly and we got through the line in a pretty quick fashion. The baggage claim line was short and efficient. We were able to get our bags and find our transportation relatively pretty easy.

Transportation to the RIU Montego Bay was efficient. The driver had to do some maneuvering to get our bus out of the traffic jam of buses at the airport, but we eventually made it out. My bad, forgot that Jamaica was once an English colony and that they drive on the wrong side of the road. When we hit that first roundabout it messed with me. I’m glad I didn’t get a rental car in Jamaica. Not real sure I could get used to driving on the left side of the road.

So, two days late we finally got to the RIU Montego Bay. Our rooms were still reserved and they were happy that we finally showed up. We were greeted with a request to dump our luggage in a common area and a N/A fruit drink. I’m not a fan of leaving my luggage unattended in a common area at a resort. So, we had a bit of discussion about that. Good resort, decent room and decent food. Booze selection weak, thank goodness for Appleton.

Holy shit, the first thing we find out is the Appleton distillery is closed for remodeling! This was one of the trips that I really wanted to take! I hope this isn’t a precursor for further disappointments on this trip. Two days behind getting here and now my top to do is not going to happen. Had a bite to eat and a couple drinks and called it an early night.

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