Jamaica 2017 Day 4: Chillin’ on the Beach

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First full day and we’re spending it relaxing on the beach. Got a decent night’s sleep and heading off to breakfast around 9:00 after a really good shower. No complaints at all about the room while getting cleaned up for breakfast. Good water pressure and a decent sized bathroom with pretty good lighting.

Uh oh, no mimosas at breakfast for Vicki! It seems the RIU does not have champagne at the bars or restaurants. I’ll make do with a strawberry or mango daiquiri. Damn, can’t get one of those either. What’s the red stuff in the slushee maker I ask. Strawberry slush I’m told. Great, put that in a cup with a little hit of rum please. Close enough to a breakfast daiquiri for me!

Spent the rest of the morning just hanging out on the beach. Were able to get lounge chairs for our medium sized group at the end of the beach near our rooms. This came in handy, since there was no drink or food service on the beach. Our rooms with the fridge stocked w/ soft drinks and Red Stripe was much closer than the bars were. Meander 1: In my opinion, the Red Stripe in the can tastes much different and better than the Red Stripe we got on tap. Meander 2: The rooms also had a small selection of liquor supplied as well. We had a bottle of Appleton Estates Rum, plus a cheap Brandy, Canadian Whiskey and a cheap Vodka. I only drank the rum.





Heard that the Jerk Chicken at the resort was pretty respectable. Saw the shack where they cook it while strolling down the beach earlier. OK, I’m pretty sure that they cook it in one of the restaurants and then bring it out to the shack for the finishing touches. However, I’m not one too complain. The line was pretty long too, but it was worth the wait.  Cooked perfectly and seasoned pretty darn good as well. Myself, I would like a little more heat. But, you got to do what you got to do to serve the masses. Meander3: I really like spicy food. My ideal level of spiciness is that a bead of sweat should always be about to break on your forehead when eating a spicy meal. Also had the rice and beans with the chicken. I don’t like beans. The rice and beans were pretty damn good, even with the beans. Red Stripe goes great with jerk chicken by the way.

Strolled back to our chairs on the beach. Fat and happy with the chicken and the Red Stripe. There must be a strip of beach between the RIU and the Sandal’s next door that neither resort own. The locals that are selling their wares seem to be able to hang out on a little strip of land between the two resorts without anyone hassling them. Also notice that several people seem to be making multiple trips to the locals that are selling things. Many seem pretty laid back after a trip or two to the Ganja Guys as we’re calling them.  It seems that they’re selling shells and other trinkets as well, but we all know why many are heading down the beach to meet with these guys. Before heading to Jamaica I’d heard several stories about how obnoxious and overbearing the “Ganja Guys” could be. In my experience so far one “No thanks Mon” and they will leave you alone.

A mid day view down the beach from our relaxed vantage point.



RIU is right in the take off path of the airport. Not too many planes take off during the day to be annoying and it’s actually kind of cool watching them all take off. Many seem to take off in the late afternoon, presenting yet another occasion to sip on a cocktail and relax while enjoying the day.



For dinner we decided to go the Steak House on the resort. A bit of advice. Get there by 6:15 to get in for the 6:30 seating. We got there at 6:00 to be safe, but the line didn’t really get very long until 6:15 or so. The people that showed up at 6:20 or 6:25 had to eat elsewhere or wait for the 8:00 seating. The shrimp was good, steak not so much. Everyone got ribeye, seemed inconsistent from no gristle to a lot, I had steak and shrimp skewers. The shrimp part was good but the steak was not. The wine was awful, choices were red or white. I had the white. Mine wasn’t that bad, but everyone else’s was a darker color than mine and did not smell very good. They all said it was barely drinkable. Same reports for the red wine. OK, that will probably be the only time we eat at the steak joint this week.

Another nightcap at the main resort bar and off to bed. Not at all a bad day.

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