Jamaica 2017 Day 7: Red Stripes, Jerk Chicken and Day Drinkin’ in the Pool!

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Start the morning with a slushy and a splash of rum. A little breakfast and then a trip to the beach! Another beautiful day in Jamaica, the weather is perfect. Spent the morning relaxing on the beach! Occasionally having a sip of Red Stripe from the room and strolling out into the Caribbean to cool off a little. Just before lunch we spotted this floating in the water. I believe it is a Moon Jellyfish. We saw a few of them floating around during the day. They were pretty small, this one was maybe 3 or 4 inches.




After watching the jellyfish for a couple minutes it was time for lunch. Back to the Jerk chicken shack down the beach. I think I’ve had Jerk chicken for lunch every day down here. Even on the resort the chicken is great. Even had rice and beans again, and I HATE beans. Later in the afternoon we spotted another couple from our group hanging out in the pool. I’ve walked past the pool many times but have yet to get in. We found a nice place to sit in the pool and drink Red Stripes and umbrella drinks. Not a bad way at all to spend an afternoon.

Went to the buffet again for dinner. It was not as good as the previous nights. I don’t remember what I had but I do remember that is was just OK. Maybe too much sun and booze this afternoon to be really hungry. Called it an early night.

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