Jamaica 2017 Day 8: Headin’ back to KC

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Just a little morning beach time before we head back to KC. Thankfully, Southwest didn’t panic and cancel our flights two days in advance because the weather was too perfect. So the flight home should be on time, unlike our flight to get here. In case you missed that rant it can be seen here.

Just had a light breakfast and a couple harmless drinks killing time until our bus to the airport arrives.

Here’s a decent pic of the pool bar. This is where most of yesterday afternoon was spent. Somehow didn’t manage to get a picture of that the whole afternoon I was there yesterday.




Had a decent lunch at the resort before being shuttled into the bus back to the airport. Pretty easy to get checked in and through security. Jamaica, at least Montego Bay, has this whole dealing with the airport down much better than most places I’ve been to.

Not a lot of room at the boarding area for Southwest. Not too bad but sill a little cramped. I stroll down the terminal to have a very overpriced margarita at Margaritaville. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good margarita, just a little (lot) overpriced.

Very uneventful boarding. Again, paying a little extra for the priority boarding seemed worth it to me. Able to get a sear not very far back on the right hand side so that we get a view of the island as we take off to the east and then cut back to the west. We took off on time and had a great view of the western part of Jamaica as we headed out. Got a good bird’s eye view of the road we took from Montego Bay to Negril. Enjoyed a Lagunita’s 12th of never ale on the flight. Flight attendant never did bring the second one I asked for.

Customs at Houston Hobby was not too bad. The have a big chunk of it automated which I’m sure if you went through it a couple times it would seem pretty logical. We had a couple issues but eventually made it through. I was called aside for a little extra screening but even that was not really anything. It also didn’t slow us down any because something happened and our luggage was not at the carousel yet.

Finally our luggage arrives and we haul it through the airport to go through security again. TSA PreCheck pays off again! I really enjoy not having to take off shoes and a belt to get through security and cutting the line is nice as well.

After getting through security we head to Pappasito’s Cantina for a quick bite to eat and another margarita. It was a remarkably average dinner with an equally average margarita. Can’t really complain as it was quick and we got to the gate with a little time to spare. Enjoyed a nice night time flight out of Houston and an uneventful flight back to KC.

Had a bit of a wait for our luggage back in KC and our van’s battery was dead when we got back to the parking lot. But a quick jump start and all was good. Made it back home pretty late, but made it back home.

All in all Jamaica was a pretty good trip. Had it not been for Southwest panicking on the fake ice storm it probably would have been a great trip. Appleton Estates being closed hurt a little as well. But, I would recommend Jamaica as a place to visit and I would not hesitate to go back again.

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